proplady (proplady) wrote,

March: In like a penguin....

Hoo boy. In another three weeks, we might actually get above freezing. The Polar Vortex needs to f--- off, or to go fight Sharknado or something.

Been frantically working this month, trying to clear my schedule. Had some annoying bottleneck projects that sunk my time, but I did learn much about using vinyl and wiring lights into things. Will finish up e-mail as soon as I can.

I could use a new video card. I bought two back in August and they both failed. (One did months ago and the other is starting to. Would have sent the first card back to get a refund or replacement, but I didn't have the BOX NPC code for proof of purchase, because I cut it out and sent it in to the company to get a rebate--which the company never sent me anyway.) Grr.

Must get more sleep...
Tags: news

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