proplady (proplady) wrote,

Merry Chrismtas!

Sorry I fell off the grid for awhile. I went down to the Cities to work on a few projects for friends just before the holidays. (I also managed to get some clerical/office-y stuff done while at my parents' house, which should free up time for me later on.)

If you have some time this Christmas vacation season, be sure to watch my first joint Rifftrax, located here:

I want to do some more plushie design/construction work in the near future and make some videos as well. (The last few months, I've had to deal with some huge armormaking projects with some equally tight deadlines, so my nose was stuck to the grindstone for awhile.) I need to sit back and do some planning of my schedule so I can work in a few tutorials and site updates here and there.

Hope everyone had a great Chrismtas! (Not Christmas, CHRISM-TAS. It's a holiday I made up that takes place the day after Christmas, and you celebrate it by going out to Walmart, buying up as much 50 percent off holiday candy as you can, then gorging on it until your bowels scream in agony. This causes you to remember that you're no longer 8 years old and as such, no longer have the kind of metabolism that can absorb enough sugar to shut down the pancreas of an elephant. Then you scream "MERRY CHRISM-TAS!" at the top of your lungs and explode. Whoever explodes the soonest wins the holiday. Fun times.)
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