proplady (proplady) wrote,

Still active...

I've just been trying to finish up five things at once (and things were extra busy at work thanks to a huge influx of Things That Needed Zippers Put On Them.) I've finally gotten around to finding and reposting an old article of mine:

The Not So Grand List Of Overused Fantasy Cliches

Considered it a bit of an Old Shame, since it's pretty much been replaced by TV Tropes (where I also did a bit of writing under the handle Amethyst.) Don't have much time to do writing these days (although I'm hoping I can carve out enough time to update my website over Thanksgiving weekend, knock on wood.)

I do have plenty of styrene now if anyone's interested. I also did some more MLP Plushie work, but I want to wait until it's completely finished before I post any pics...
Tags: news

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