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proplady chris sword

Happy Halloweenz.

I finally figured out how to get Mozilla Thunderbird to work with my ISP smtp settings. I don't know why I didn't do this five years ago when I moved here. Just lazy I guess (or I googled the wrong answer to my problem and assumed I had no other options.)

I'm hoping to score some more styrene this week. My supply took a serious hit with some big armor projects this month (and I was too busy thanks to said projects to leave town and buy more styrene.)

Holy crap! I want to make something like this soooo bad! (Not sure how she made the scales. I highly doubt there is plush fabric or fleece in that pattern. She probably dye-painted it or something--I'll have to look at the rest of her site.)

In the process of cleaning. Found some stuff I'd like to sell on ebay. I should probably list my last BJD since I haven't really touched him in a couple of years and I don't have any social venues to show him off anyway. (Second Life pretty much scratches my clothing design itch during the rare times that I experience it and at approximately 1/100th the investment of money and time required to make clothes for a real world doll. )

Need to go to bed earlier. All-nighters mess up my biological clock and stomach.......


FWIW that dragon plush was made with an existing fabric she found very limited quantities of.
Cool. I'll have to be on the lookout for fabric like that...
proplady chris sword

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