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Metacon 2013

Hiyo! I did manage to make it down to Metacon this past weekend. It was a good thing I did since Lewis needed a little extra help with his live show and with lugging stuff to the Dealer's Room and back. (It was nice of the convention to give him a hotel room so we could store our stuff. That made things a little easier.)

I regret I didn't make it down on Friday Night. The hotel's printed directions were crap and I forgot to take my GPS. (Not that it would have helped. Lewis had the same kind of GPS device and it gave him the wrong directions.) If you don't know where you're going in downtown Minneapolis (where this convention was located,) down to the last degree on the map, you'll never get there. Not without a sherpa guide, a fleet of expeditionary jeeps and enough provisions to last a week or so. And even then it's a complete toss up....

I wore my revised Rita Repulsa costume on Saturday. So many people love this character and wanted to get a picture of themselves standing next to her (which is something I don't think I've encountered with any other costume I've worn. So I think it was a good choice of costume to wear. The only other kinds of costumes that I think would be even more popular would be cheesecake/beefcake costumes, and I definitely don't have the figure to pull THOSE off! ^_^. But Rita is something pretty much ANY woman could wear...)

I tried answering as many construction questions about the armor and staff as I could. (I had to take off the headdress/wig a couple of times when it got too heavy and oppressive. Something in the front of the headdress is digging into my forehead --enough to leave a welt there--so I'll have to put some padding over that part.) The staff turned out really well. It was a bit wobbly, but I wanted to keep it hollow so it wasn't too heavy to carry around all day.

Sunday I spent mostly in the Dealer's Room with Lewis. I had some handmade Kanzashi hair decorations (that I made a loooong time ago when I had more free time on my hands) and some Japanese novelty erasers to sell. I was a little more aggressive in my salesman tactics than Lewis was. (He's used to being laid back and allowing people who want to buy DVDs and things to come to him. I hope I didn't freak him out too much. Not that I bellowed like a fishwife or anything, but I did do a lot of smiling and waving and not acting very Minnesotan at all..)

I regret I didn't get that many pictures, even though I had remembered to bring my camera this time. I did record a few segments for Lewis' show in the Rita Repulsa costume, which hopefully turned out well. Once I got back home, I spent an entire day trying to set up and format my new, larger harddrive since I figured it was about time I did that. (The smaller harddrive I bought after the Crash just doesn't have enough room for all of my files and programs.) I don't have a smartphone and didn't have e-mail access throughout most of the weekend so I kind of fell off the face of the earth for awhile. I DID manage to save my e-mail archives and transfer them without losing anything this time, and I even got my Mailwasher software to work, although I'm not a big fan of the new tiny-lettered interface. I'll keep the smaller, 40g harddrive I've been using and use it if/when this new harddrive fails. Which it hopefully won't for awhile.

I'll try and post my con pics, if I can ever figure out how to configure my FTP client (The server settings I wrote down for it don't seem to be working right now... -_- )
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