proplady (proplady) wrote,

August Update

Yes, I'm still alive. Been a rough July. Had two major armor suit projects to finish and my computer and car kept dying on me. Had to get a fuel injector in my car replaced, then a coolant hose broke, and now the "Service Engine Now" light is on. I'm not sure what it expects me to do about it since I had to buy not one, but TWO video cards recently. (The one I bought to replace the card that died, has itself died. Since the 30 day seller's warranty has expired, I have to send that card directly to the manufacturer, but in the meantime, if I want to have a working computer, I needed to get a third graphics card.) Did I mention that it sounds as if my hard drive is dying and I'll need to replace that soon as well? I suppose if disasters waited for a convenient time to happen, they wouldn't be called disasters. They'd be called "Sh*t that happened that was mildly irritating but which I was easily able to deal with."

I'm planning to go to MetaCon at the end of the month and I've got my Rita Repulsa costume all fixed up. Still can't find any good online pics of it. Hopefully I'll remember to bring my freakin camera this time around....
Tags: news

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