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Had some trouble getting home from the convention --my car needed a new fuel injector and thanks to the insane generosity of my brother, (whose mechanics shop I should really give a shout out to), I was able to get it fixed for far less than it would have cost if I'd had it done in St. Cloud. I also swung by Lewis' place and recorded some more dialog for his show. Really stretched my acting chops. Some good stuff, although you'll have to wait a few months to see the storyline play out.

I'd link to the AniMinneapolis panel video I was in, but I look really horrible. Like I just had my Driver's License photo taken. I'll link to the info page for his new DVD instead. Plan to go to MetaCon but I would like to be a little better prepared next time. Maybe bring some actual stuff to sell.

Managed to find one picture of me in my Rita Repulsa costume at least. (Been kind of busy since I got back so I haven't had time to search for more.)

I'm tackling some complex clothing/armor projects now. It's just like Final Fantasy 11 rose from the dead and started kicking my ass this past week. Took me three whole days to make a pair of pants. A PAIR OF PANTS!!!!!!!! ARGGHHH!!!!! (Not as bad as the Zam Wesell skirt, but pretty close...)
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