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AniMinneapolis 2013 Mini Report.

Oh yeah! That's right! I have a Cosplay Blog! Remember when I used to post pictures and tutorials of actual real life costumes and props, most of which I made myself? And remember when I used to go to conventions and take hundreds of photos, (all of which I carefully labelled by subject matter and day taken) which I then uploaded to an online gallery replete with exhaustive and detailed breakdown of my convention experience, including types of meals consumed and the number of respiratory viruses contracted from sick, snot-nosed babies dressed up in cute Sailor Moon outfits?



It's odd. Now that I've become more convention-savvy and have grown to know more fascinating, highly regarded fanwork creators than ever (and thus, have far more interesting stuff to report on than I did in my early, gawking newbie days of anime/sci-i fandom,) I just don't seem to be able to muster up enough energy or drive to actually RECORD any of my convention-doings. I didn't even bring a camera this time around. I just..... didn't remember to. (Of course, when your car decides to throw a cylinder on the day you plan on leaving for a big trip, and you're trying desperately hard to try to get it into a driveable state AND you're trying to remember to bring all 387 components of the massive costume you plan on wearing, all the while hoping like hell that you didn't forget something, you're bound to forget something.)

But Amethyst, you say. Why didn't you just use your Smartphone to take pictures like 99.997% of the population living in the 21st Century would do?

Because I don't have one. Because I spent all of my money on my costume. (No...really...)

And I dunno... I'm also a Luddite when it comes to newer technology, I guess. (Ooh! Thick-armed girl SCARED of tiny talking box with moving pictures that captures soul! Get it away!!!)


I agreed to come down to the convention to help my friend Lewis (whose DVD has just come out, by the way, you should buy it if you like being cool and awesome and owning stuff that's as cool and awesome as you will become when you buy it.) Lewis had a booth in the dealer's room and I helped him man (woman?) it. He was selling plushie cybermats, and would have been selling copies of his DVD if they had been shipped to him on time. (Curse you, laws of Temporal Reality!!!>_<) Lewis had a sewing box and a bunch of fleece on him, so I was able to (at his request) design and make him a small plushie Weedle. And then make a pattern for him so he could make a similar Weedle. Which will in turn inspire all of his fans over the internet to make their own Weedles, and soon the Wheedle virus will spread throughout the land, like a meme involving a fat Asian guy and a stupid dance, and then, AND THEN... the world will become engulfed in orange fleece and fiberfill and I WILL RULE IT ALLL! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Sitting in the booth cross from us was Lewis' friend Martin (who, though I heard of him, I hadn't yet met) and his wife Marianne. They were both very nice people, although I didn't want to geek out and bother them too much since they were both working (and since the venue we were in was pretty loud.) I spent most of my time on Fri and Sat. in Lewis' booth (and helping out at his liveshow.) I did manage to walk around the convention, catch the sights and watch Martin's liveshow/panel on Saturday, which was lots of fun. After the panel, Lewis, myself, and our fellow AT4W alumnus Will, went with Martin and his wife and friends out to TGIFridays. I was hoping to get a chance to geek out and talk during this interlude, but the restaurant was (like the dealer's room) pretty loud. (At least, it was louder than the level at which I could carry on a coherent conversation. I'm a severe mumbler and I also tend to sound like this while I'm trying to make off the cuff conversation, so I can only hope everyone else understood what I was trying to say.)

After dinner, Martin and company bid us goodbye so they could get nice and endrunkened for their 18 plus panel which was to take place later that night. Will, Lewis and I headed for my car to get....the costume.

Then we talked to Con Ops and requested a room to ourselves so I could put on...the costume....

And no, I don't have pictures of "the Costume" unfortunately (although my friends took some. So did a great many con-goers as well, so I expect to have a few pics to post here soon.) The character was Rita Repulsa, and I have to say it was the best damn costume I've ever done. Not because of its complexity and level of skill, but because of the emotional reaction it got from those who viewed it. You would have thought upon seeing me, that those twenty-something kids were seeing their own childhoods sauntering up to them with large gray hair horns and a scratchy voice. Never have I worn anything that received such a warm reception. Kudos to Will and his awesome makeup job (which was so effective that one of the women who dined with us didn't even recognize me when she saw me in the hall.) I was invited into Martin and Marianne's Adult panel to do a little Power Ranger improv, but I fear it went about as well as that scene in Ed Wood where Bela Lugosi tries to do a TV appearance with an off-script comedian. (BTW, if you haven't seen that movie, DO SO. NOW. I'll put off writing the rest of this entry until you finish it and get back...)


Are you done?

Wasn't it AWESOME? The Burton/Depp team-up at its finest! A celebration of everything weird and wonderful!

...which pretty much describes me and everyone I know. ^_^

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to wear the Rita costume as long as I would have liked, since the drawstring to my crinoline skirt broke and the armor started getting a little damaged. (It was pretty much a test run, so I got to see the costume's strengths and weaknesses.) I did get a chance to say goodbye to Martin and Marianne after their panel was finished. (Although I don't know if Martin was able to remember me. I was in my street clothes by then, but I think I still had my eye makeup on. He might have thought he was talking to a giant sentient raccoon.) I'm grateful I got the chance to meet talented new friends and I'm thankful for the help my current friends gave me. (Here's another pluggy-plug for Lewis' DVD.) And get on Anime Detour's ass and tell them to invite Lewis and Little Kuriboh to their convention (once their suggestion form opens up again.) Seriously, they need to get on the ball about that...

On Sunday, I went to see my mother at the hospital she's staying at. (You'll recall she had a heart attack about a month ago.) She's doing much better (feeding tube removed, not in the hideous death coma she was in the last time I saw her) and she'll hopefully be moved to transitional housing soon. I also went out to dinner with my sister for her birthday and then walked around outside a bit, enjoying what I'm sure will be the last few hours before the monsoons hit us again. I should be back home and back to work by tomorrow. I'll get those Rita pics (that I'm sure exist) posted as soon as I can...
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