proplady (proplady) wrote,

Back Home...

I went down to the Cities to see my Mother in the hospital. She had a heart attack and her recovery has been a very slow process to date--I worry a lot about my Dad who's in a deep depression and will probably continue to be until mom's condition improves quite substantially. I tried to help him out as best I could (I do have brothers and sisters down there helping him so I'm glad about that. Still would have liked to have spent more time down there although I know my obligations up here would've made that difficult.) I did finally manage to pick up some styrene while I was down in the Cities (as well as finish up some long running clerical projects that needed doing. Wasn't able to update the website like I've been wanting to--I've got tons more pictures to add, but I need to play catch up with my prop projects first.) I have managed to finish a lot and I feel that keeping busy is probably the best thing I could do for myself right now.

Well that and getting adequate sleep, which has been tough lately. (Having random plumbers pop in to reinstall drains just as I'm laying down to sleep in the late morning isn't helping matters.....)
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