proplady (proplady) wrote,

I'm back!

Did some interesting things down in the Cities this past week. (Some top secret stuff that you'll find out about eventually.) I also picked up some more styrene. (I will answer all e-mail inquiries as soon as I can. The price of styrene and postage went up so I might have to adjust the shipping prices on my styrene price list a little.)

I'm finishing up about 6 or 7 things now. Not sure how I get into the habit of finishing a bunch of things at a time. It makes actually getting stuff out the door kind of bothersome. It's easy to spend an entire day just packing things and not doing much else. Which makes me feel as though I haven't really accomplished anything for the day at all. Sigh.

It is so flippin COLD. I always turn into a Sasquatch this time of year, developing extra layers of fat, hair, and wearing the kind of clothing which makes me look like an Eskimo with a cocoon fetish.) It's tough to create a good impression on someone when you look like that. -_-...

Enough complaining. For now.
Tags: news
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