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proplady chris sword

Yowza. Been so long since I posted, I almost forgot my login info.

Been busy with my projects--trying out new methods and materials. (Well, better to experiment with those kinds of things now than struggle with them during the Summer Convention Rush.) It's been awhile since I tried my hand at sculpting and silicone mold-building, but here are some results:

You can guess what game/series those were from, can't you?

I did revise my armormaking book while I was home during the Christmas break. It was mostly updating links and references. I'm trying to finish book five, but I've had to play catchup after Xmas break. I did get some nice stuff for Christmas--money mostly, since I have little need for material things (other than shelving and storage boxes.) My employer did a clean-through of our workspace and gave me a ton of old buckles she didn't want any longer. (Mostly plain utility buckles--perfect for making belts and straps for armor.) She also gave me some netted and ruffled petticoats so that was really nice. (Since THOSE things can cost a ton even if you find them in a thrift store.)

Don't like winter. Car froze solid the other day and I had to take out a glovebox fuse just to get the interior lights of my car to shut off and not drain my battery. If we can get a warm day one of these days, I'm hoping it will thaw my car doors out so they'll return to normal. At least I have an engine block warmer in this car (not that that helps when I forget to plug it in...)


Awesome! The Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time! <3
Omg the spiritual stones look AMAZING..... Are they available for commision at all?
I still have the molds. If you want to ask for a price, just e-mail me at dietzt@cloudnet.com!
proplady chris sword

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