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proplady chris sword

Starting to look like the place where I live...

Aww. The 1-1/2 year run of snowless winter was nice while it lasted. We got ourselves about 8-9 inches in the recent blizzard. It's supposed to get cold tonight and turn all of the snow into concrete. I've already cleaned off my car and I managed to locate the block heater inside it, but I'm guessing it will do one of two things - (a)not work or (b)set my car on fire. I do hope I'm joking there.

I finished a big casting project, but since it was supposed to be a gift for somebody, I can't post pics until after Christmas. Been working on about 6 projects simultaneously (which is always fun.) Thanks to the nature of enamel and epoxy putty (which I'm using a LOT of lately), I can only work on each project a little at a time before I have to set it aside to draw, harden, whatever...

Christmas came a little early for me. My boss at the alterations shop decided to throw away the vast collection of buckles her predecessor had saved up over the years and I volunteered to take them home. I go through a ton of buckles, especially in armoring projects, and I managed to snag a huge amount of doll sized buckles. (I've sorted through all of the weird buckles and clamps which I don't think I'll need and I was thinking of placing them for sale on etsy, along with a bunch of other stuff I really should get rid of. Once I have the time.... -_-)

I've been doing a lot of projects involving lighted panels lately. (I wish thatscoolwire.com would get with the 21st century and accept paypal already. It's because of businesses like them that I have to keep a credit card around. (A Ring of Power would have a far less ominous influence on my life... I'm always sooo tempted to use it, but I know I shouldn't, unless I know the only alternative is being eaten by Ringwraiths...)


O_o Okay, I just *had* to go look at that site....WOW! Dunno if I'd use any of it for anything, but MAN it'd sure look cool if I did! XD

Gives me a little hope that maybe I'll ACTUALLY get snow in my area this year. Last year all we got was one dusting, which happened at night and lasted only until the sun came up. I know snow can be a pain in the butt, but I still think it's lovely, so I want some!

...and I don't *think* a block heater will set your car on fire...but I don't know much about cars so take that with a grain of salt. xD
proplady chris sword

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