proplady (proplady) wrote,

Starting to look like the place where I live...

Aww. The 1-1/2 year run of snowless winter was nice while it lasted. We got ourselves about 8-9 inches in the recent blizzard. It's supposed to get cold tonight and turn all of the snow into concrete. I've already cleaned off my car and I managed to locate the block heater inside it, but I'm guessing it will do one of two things - (a)not work or (b)set my car on fire. I do hope I'm joking there.

I finished a big casting project, but since it was supposed to be a gift for somebody, I can't post pics until after Christmas. Been working on about 6 projects simultaneously (which is always fun.) Thanks to the nature of enamel and epoxy putty (which I'm using a LOT of lately), I can only work on each project a little at a time before I have to set it aside to draw, harden, whatever...

Christmas came a little early for me. My boss at the alterations shop decided to throw away the vast collection of buckles her predecessor had saved up over the years and I volunteered to take them home. I go through a ton of buckles, especially in armoring projects, and I managed to snag a huge amount of doll sized buckles. (I've sorted through all of the weird buckles and clamps which I don't think I'll need and I was thinking of placing them for sale on etsy, along with a bunch of other stuff I really should get rid of. Once I have the time.... -_-)

I've been doing a lot of projects involving lighted panels lately. (I wish would get with the 21st century and accept paypal already. It's because of businesses like them that I have to keep a credit card around. (A Ring of Power would have a far less ominous influence on my life... I'm always sooo tempted to use it, but I know I shouldn't, unless I know the only alternative is being eaten by Ringwraiths...)
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