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proplady chris sword

Luna Plushie

Hiyo. This month was pretty brutal for me. (In the last week alone, I worked 100 hours and slept for about 10. After sending off my last pre-Halloween package, I collapsed and slept for about 24 hours so I'm kind of a wreck right now. But I am trying to pull myself together and set up my schedule for the next few months, answer e-mail, etc.)

I did manage to finally finish my Luna Plushie.

I've been working on it since April (it took months since I had so little in the way of free time thanks to my working two jobs.) God only knows when I'll have the time to make another plushie. This one is MASSIVE in size. You can see more pictures of the plushie here at my DA gallery:


I have the plushie up for auction. ( I really need the word to get out on this. I waited until the plushie was posted on Equestria Daily before starting the auction, but it doesn't look as if many people have stumbled upon it so far.)


Please bear with me, as I try to get things sorted out. (It was a busier than usual summer and Halloween. I took some time off from the local job to finish things up around here, so hopefully I'll be up to 100 percent before too long...)
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awww.. Luna plushie!!!! she's so cute!!.

(Scrolls down)

Holy cow, she is HUGE!

That must have been one hell of a job. @_@
Have you sent the auction link in to EqD for their nightly roundup? That might help. Though I've had very poor luck with selling plushes on ebay, personally. I know some folks do great with it, but I can't seem to.
cool :3 very impressive
Yay! your Luna is up to $400 bucks.
proplady chris sword

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