December 31st, 2005

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Miroku Staff Tutorial - Part Four

It's time now to make the ring blade. The first thing you do is cut out a banana-shaped piece of plastic roughly as large as 1/2 of the 7" ring. Put the plastic over the ring and bend the plastic into a ridge (making it so the peak of the ridge is directly over the ring itself. Like so:)

Use a marker to define the blade (it's thickness should probably be no more than 3/4") and to draw the areas along the blade where you want the sharp, diamond-shaped flanges to be (it's up to you if you want there to be 4 or only 2 flanges- I've been reference pictures that featured both versions, so it's pretty much a matter of preference.)

Once you've defined the shape of the blade, cut it out and place it over a fresh piece of plastic. Cut another shape to match it and bend the ridge down the middle in the opposite direction. (In instead of out, or vice versa.) You'll need to make 4 blades in total - 2 to be glued onto one side of the ring and 2 to be glued onto the other.)

Before you can glue the blades on though, you'll need to thicken the ring a little. Do this by cutting a thin strip of 2mm craft foam and hotgluing it over the length of the entire 7" brass ring on both sides.

Now glue one of the blade shapes to the ring (you may need to do some custom-shaping with the bottom end of the blade shape so it'll fit snugly to the base piece with no gaps.)

Hotglue the blade's opposing piece to the other side of the ring. Very carefully hotglue the outer edges of the blade pieces together at the sides. (Be neat. Make sure there's no plastic overlap or gobs of glue sticking onto the blade edge. Trim off any excess glue or plastic with a craft knife.) Do the same now for the inner edges of the blade pieces.

And repeat these steps for the other side.

Make sure the blade pieces all meet up at the very top of the ring neatly.

Inspect your work to make sure that the lines of the blade are clean and neat. Sand off any excess surface glue with hobby/model sandpaper (not REAL hardware-store sandpaper. You'll only scratch the surface if you use that.)

Voila! The ringblade is made...


Next time: Finishing the middle section...