December 29th, 2005

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Miroku Staff Tutorial - Part One.

Part of the reason I opened up this blog was not only to provide information about my current projects, but also to post the beta versions of any future tutorials I might care to develop. With that in mind, I'm happy to present an in-depth look at the making of a project which I get asked about a LOT - Miroku's staff

I won't bother to post a reference picture since every anime fan and his brother should know what the character looks like by NOW. Instead, here's a picture of the finished project:

And this is what I used to make it:

1 - 7" brass ring
6 - 3" brass rings
1 sheet 2mm craft foam (it makes no difference what the color is)
.020 gauge styrene plastic sheeting (a 2' x 2' square should suffice)
12" thick wire
5 - 3/4" (or slightly smaller) round beads
Michael's brand gluesticks
Testor's gold enamel paint and brush

Step one was to locate the staff the staffhead would rest on. (The person I made this for wanted a staff that was 1" thick. For best results, though I would recommend using a staff that has a 3/4" diameter. It looks more correctly proportioned, I think.) For the staff, you can either use a wooden dowel, a length of PVC pipe, or a plastic broom/mop handle (you can find cheap ones for sale at most dollar stores.) Here's the staff I used for this project:

You want to make the staffhead so it can be removed (this is good if you want to send it in the mail or store it in a tight space.) To do this you make a coupling for the staff. Cut a rectangular section of the 2mm craft foam that's 4" high or so. Wrap the foam around the staff and cut it so it encircles it completely. Hotglue the edges of the foam sheet together (taking care to NOT glue the foam to the staff itself while doing this.)

Next step is to take a sheet of styrene plastic and glue it around the foam (making it so it slightly overlaps).

There. You've made the coupling. (That wasn't hard, was it?) The tube of foam and styrene should be able to slide up and down the staff easily (but not TOO easily. You want a little snugness there.)

You with me so far? Good. Part Two will be along tomorrow. Stay tuned...

(Got any questions? Just drop me a comment....)