December 28th, 2005

proplady chris sword

Mithra Madness

This sort of has nothing to do with my current project (but it is something I'll be working on on and off for the next few months.) Anyone familiar with this character?

It's a Mithra in Armor from Final Fantasy 11. (Yes, I know that's not its correct name, but at this hour of the night I'm beyond putting in any sort of effort for proper scholarship.) Anyway, I've been working on this armor, and here's what I've managed to finish so far:

One gauntlet. (I figure the gauntlets will be the most insanely detailed portion of the outfit, thus getting them done and out of the way first seems like a Good Plan.) I make the finger plates out of thin craft foam covered with .020 gauge styrene (I was thus able to sew them to the glove instead of having to rivet them.) The raised decoration on the wrist plates and upper cuff were created using hotglue and a very steady hand. (I still have a few more details to add, but that can wait until such time when I'm not so insanely busy...

...Should I experience such a time ever again...