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I'm Back.

Had to deal with some emergencies and a trip out of town this past week to pick up supplies. I did manage to pick up some new styrene so I'll get that sorted out soon. (I may have to charge a bit more for styrene in the future--they jacked up the price per sheet quite a bit. Though I probably won't change the actual price of the sheets I offer--just adjust the shipping price to reflect reality instead of offering a discount.) I have a lot to do---as soon as I've finish boxing up and shipping out the 8 things I managed to finish at the same time. >_
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March: In like a penguin....

Hoo boy. In another three weeks, we might actually get above freezing. The Polar Vortex needs to f--- off, or to go fight Sharknado or something.

Been frantically working this month, trying to clear my schedule. Had some annoying bottleneck projects that sunk my time, but I did learn much about using vinyl and wiring lights into things. Will finish up e-mail as soon as I can.

I could use a new video card. I bought two back in August and they both failed. (One did months ago and the other is starting to. Would have sent the first card back to get a refund or replacement, but I didn't have the BOX NPC code for proof of purchase, because I cut it out and sent it in to the company to get a rebate--which the company never sent me anyway.) Grr.

Must get more sleep...
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I haven't turned into a polar bear...yet.

I was trapped in a work cocoon for the past week or so. Am trying to catch up on my sleep and email.

I was so busy that I haven't posted pics of what I did over Xmas vacation while I was away from home:

It's about 2' long and I think it needs more tweaks, but it's not bad for something I made from scratch....
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Merry Chrismtas!

Sorry I fell off the grid for awhile. I went down to the Cities to work on a few projects for friends just before the holidays. (I also managed to get some clerical/office-y stuff done while at my parents' house, which should free up time for me later on.)

If you have some time this Christmas vacation season, be sure to watch my first joint Rifftrax, located here:

I want to do some more plushie design/construction work in the near future and make some videos as well. (The last few months, I've had to deal with some huge armormaking projects with some equally tight deadlines, so my nose was stuck to the grindstone for awhile.) I need to sit back and do some planning of my schedule so I can work in a few tutorials and site updates here and there.

Hope everyone had a great Chrismtas! (Not Christmas, CHRISM-TAS. It's a holiday I made up that takes place the day after Christmas, and you celebrate it by going out to Walmart, buying up as much 50 percent off holiday candy as you can, then gorging on it until your bowels scream in agony. This causes you to remember that you're no longer 8 years old and as such, no longer have the kind of metabolism that can absorb enough sugar to shut down the pancreas of an elephant. Then you scream "MERRY CHRISM-TAS!" at the top of your lungs and explode. Whoever explodes the soonest wins the holiday. Fun times.)
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Still active...

I've just been trying to finish up five things at once (and things were extra busy at work thanks to a huge influx of Things That Needed Zippers Put On Them.) I've finally gotten around to finding and reposting an old article of mine:

The Not So Grand List Of Overused Fantasy Cliches

Considered it a bit of an Old Shame, since it's pretty much been replaced by TV Tropes (where I also did a bit of writing under the handle Amethyst.) Don't have much time to do writing these days (although I'm hoping I can carve out enough time to update my website over Thanksgiving weekend, knock on wood.)

I do have plenty of styrene now if anyone's interested. I also did some more MLP Plushie work, but I want to wait until it's completely finished before I post any pics...
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Happy Halloweenz.

I finally figured out how to get Mozilla Thunderbird to work with my ISP smtp settings. I don't know why I didn't do this five years ago when I moved here. Just lazy I guess (or I googled the wrong answer to my problem and assumed I had no other options.)

I'm hoping to score some more styrene this week. My supply took a serious hit with some big armor projects this month (and I was too busy thanks to said projects to leave town and buy more styrene.)

Holy crap! I want to make something like this soooo bad! (Not sure how she made the scales. I highly doubt there is plush fabric or fleece in that pattern. She probably dye-painted it or something--I'll have to look at the rest of her site.)

In the process of cleaning. Found some stuff I'd like to sell on ebay. I should probably list my last BJD since I haven't really touched him in a couple of years and I don't have any social venues to show him off anyway. (Second Life pretty much scratches my clothing design itch during the rare times that I experience it and at approximately 1/100th the investment of money and time required to make clothes for a real world doll. )

Need to go to bed earlier. All-nighters mess up my biological clock and stomach.......
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Still heeeeeere.

I'm hoping my website doesn't go down. (I'm currently in the process of renewing my webspace, so if the site vanishes, it should only be a temporary thing until I get this sorted out.)

Was insanely busy the first half of the month. (I reeeeeallly need to update my web gallery. Have over 20 projects that I need to post.) Haven't been down to see my parents since August and I have to get more styrene since I'm running out. I'm hoping that won't take me too long to do. (You can still e-mail me and ask about pricing and such...)
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Metacon 2013

Hiyo! I did manage to make it down to Metacon this past weekend. It was a good thing I did since Lewis needed a little extra help with his live show and with lugging stuff to the Dealer's Room and back. (It was nice of the convention to give him a hotel room so we could store our stuff. That made things a little easier.)

I regret I didn't make it down on Friday Night. The hotel's printed directions were crap and I forgot to take my GPS. (Not that it would have helped. Lewis had the same kind of GPS device and it gave him the wrong directions.) If you don't know where you're going in downtown Minneapolis (where this convention was located,) down to the last degree on the map, you'll never get there. Not without a sherpa guide, a fleet of expeditionary jeeps and enough provisions to last a week or so. And even then it's a complete toss up....

I wore my revised Rita Repulsa costume on Saturday. So many people love this character and wanted to get a picture of themselves standing next to her (which is something I don't think I've encountered with any other costume I've worn. So I think it was a good choice of costume to wear. The only other kinds of costumes that I think would be even more popular would be cheesecake/beefcake costumes, and I definitely don't have the figure to pull THOSE off! ^_^. But Rita is something pretty much ANY woman could wear...)

I tried answering as many construction questions about the armor and staff as I could. (I had to take off the headdress/wig a couple of times when it got too heavy and oppressive. Something in the front of the headdress is digging into my forehead --enough to leave a welt there--so I'll have to put some padding over that part.) The staff turned out really well. It was a bit wobbly, but I wanted to keep it hollow so it wasn't too heavy to carry around all day.

Sunday I spent mostly in the Dealer's Room with Lewis. I had some handmade Kanzashi hair decorations (that I made a loooong time ago when I had more free time on my hands) and some Japanese novelty erasers to sell. I was a little more aggressive in my salesman tactics than Lewis was. (He's used to being laid back and allowing people who want to buy DVDs and things to come to him. I hope I didn't freak him out too much. Not that I bellowed like a fishwife or anything, but I did do a lot of smiling and waving and not acting very Minnesotan at all..)

I regret I didn't get that many pictures, even though I had remembered to bring my camera this time. I did record a few segments for Lewis' show in the Rita Repulsa costume, which hopefully turned out well. Once I got back home, I spent an entire day trying to set up and format my new, larger harddrive since I figured it was about time I did that. (The smaller harddrive I bought after the Crash just doesn't have enough room for all of my files and programs.) I don't have a smartphone and didn't have e-mail access throughout most of the weekend so I kind of fell off the face of the earth for awhile. I DID manage to save my e-mail archives and transfer them without losing anything this time, and I even got my Mailwasher software to work, although I'm not a big fan of the new tiny-lettered interface. I'll keep the smaller, 40g harddrive I've been using and use it if/when this new harddrive fails. Which it hopefully won't for awhile.

I'll try and post my con pics, if I can ever figure out how to configure my FTP client (The server settings I wrote down for it don't seem to be working right now... -_- )
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Hard drive died today. I was fortunate that I had just made a backup of my files, but I lost a day of e-mails. (I might be able to find them if I can crack into the dead harddrive. But I need some sleep first.) Spent all day getting a new harddrive and then setting my computer and just the bare minimum of programs back up. It's been so long since I've done anything like this that I had to relearn everything from scratch. (And now I will finally write down the procedures on paper and use that as a guide to setting up my computer in the future. Provided I'm not stupid enough to lose the paper. Which could totally happen.)
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August Update

Yes, I'm still alive. Been a rough July. Had two major armor suit projects to finish and my computer and car kept dying on me. Had to get a fuel injector in my car replaced, then a coolant hose broke, and now the "Service Engine Now" light is on. I'm not sure what it expects me to do about it since I had to buy not one, but TWO video cards recently. (The one I bought to replace the card that died, has itself died. Since the 30 day seller's warranty has expired, I have to send that card directly to the manufacturer, but in the meantime, if I want to have a working computer, I needed to get a third graphics card.) Did I mention that it sounds as if my hard drive is dying and I'll need to replace that soon as well? I suppose if disasters waited for a convenient time to happen, they wouldn't be called disasters. They'd be called "Sh*t that happened that was mildly irritating but which I was easily able to deal with."

I'm planning to go to MetaCon at the end of the month and I've got my Rita Repulsa costume all fixed up. Still can't find any good online pics of it. Hopefully I'll remember to bring my freakin camera this time around....